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Built in the early 1900's the Jaluvka-Golvatos homestead is located in the Hertiage Park area of Corpus Christi, TX. The home was built for James Jaluvka, vetern of the Spanish-American War and World War I, and his wife Helen in 1905.It remained their home until 1919, when it was sold to a local restaurant family, the Golvatos. It remained their home until 1960.

Sadly, the home had fallen into disrepair when the city of Corpus Christi acquired it in 1987. Orignially located in a part of the city called "Old Irishtown", the city relocated the home to Heritage Park for preservation.

Miller Painting was responsible for the entire exterior renovation of this turn of the century home. The project involved custom creation and refinishing of the home's original wood siding and an extreme attention to detail.

The end result is a beautiful inviting home, restored to it's former glory. You can find out more about this historical site and others in the area by visiting Corpus Christi Landmark Division.


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